AT ISSUE: Task force to improve core curriculum after 16 years

Another task force has been put into action. This time it's a group that will be asked to look at the "bigger picture" when it comes to analyzing Ball State's core curriculum.

The committee, put in place by Provost Beverly Pitts, will be made up of two members from each of Ball State's nine colleges, as well as members of the administrations and student government association.

The goal is to see if Ball State's core curriculum is still serving its purpose and effectively educating students according to Pitts.

Ball State's core curriculum has not changed in 16 years.

Believe it or not, a lot has changed in 16 years.

Take the following into consideration. Tuesday was officially Citizenship Day. The Immigration and Naturalization Service administered the oath of allegiance to more than 15,000 immigrants during 23 naturalization ceremonies throughout the country.

Since the 1998 fiscal year, 1,064,318 immigrants were admitted, not given citizenship, but admitted into the United States. That's just in the last four years. The numbers for the last 16 years are considerably higher.

Unlike Indiana State University and Indiana University Purdue University Indiana, Ball State does not require foreign language in its core curriculum.

The "bigger picture" is simple. The range of foreign languages being actively used in the United States is rapidly getting "bigger."

In turn, perhaps our core curriculum should get at least one class "bigger."


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