Alcohol-related violence on rise

Impaired judgment and aggression are a dangerous combination. Among other dangers of drinking alcohol are violent crimes due to alcohol are ones that not many would consider. Recent evidence suggests that there is a link between alcohol and violent crime.

Startling new facts show that between August 1, 2001, and August 1, 2002, the University Police have received 70 calls of violent crimes, and 38 have been related to alcohol. In fact, in the last month, there have been at least two incidents of violence in which the assailants were charged with public intoxication.

According to ALCOWEB, nationally, more than 70 percent of violent crimes were either committed or experienced by people who were intoxicated. Furthermore, almost 50 percent of rapists have been drinking when they commit the crime; nearly 50 percent of murders are linked to alcohol abuse, whether it be chronic or acute.

John Stachula, therapist at Ball State's counseling services, advises "The best thing to do is disengage and get away," to avoid confrontation with an intoxicated person Remember that someone that is intoxicated is not using sound judgment and reasoning. A problem that arises with that person cannot be productively solved while they are under the influence of alcohol.

Sophomore, Kearston Blomeke says "I think if students are going to choose to drink, they should be responsible and make sure that they aren't harming anyone else."

Senior Chris Calow adds, "They should keep their partying inside the house. They need to grow up and start acting like they are in college, not high school."


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