Simple actions help prevent crime

It seems like common sense would suggest that if an unfavorable event could be prevented by a simple action, that action should be taken.

If that logic proves true, then students need to be aware that they can prevent crime from invading their lives, and they can do so by taking simple actions.

Many times, the prevention of crime is as simple as hiding your CDs, taking an extra second to lock your residence hall door, or finding a friend to walk around campus with you at night.

Students, for those times when they can't find a walking-buddy, should know where the emergency call boxes. There are about 10 to 13 located in various parts of campus.

Also, students who live off-campus should follow the advice of the University Police. Purchase motion detectors and timers. They're cheap. Make sure your deadbolt works. Discounting alcohol offenses and simple theft, burglary was one of the highest-reported crimes both on-campus and off-campus in 2001. Most student rentals are easy to break into, and criminals know that.

And finally, any student, male or female, who believes they have been raped, must report the incident to authorities immediately. Justice will not be done otherwise, and the man or woman who committed the crime will be free to prey on other victims. The crime is hard to prevent, because it is most often committed by someone you know and trust, but a simple can of pepper spray could cool someone down.

No one should believe they are invincible to crime. Nobody is, but it is very easy to become a lot less vulnerable by taking simple actions.


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