SGA utilizes its first meeting to plan for upcoming year

Saturday finals, tailgating and bus trips were on the agenda

Student Government Association used its first meeting of the fall semester to appoint new members and set new goals. The time senators spent in committees and caucuses was devoted to finding ways to work with the Muncie community, add to current student services and diversify the campus.

Senators are still working on eliminating Saturday finals. Vice president Megan Pickens said the legislation passed SGA and currently rests in University Senate's system, where a committee will decide if Saturday finals will continue.

Senator Donna Dodson said it was a trade-off.

"We either have Saturday finals or we give up (the observances of) Martin Luther King, Jr. Day or Labor Day," Dodson said.

Ball State began observing Martin Luther King Day this year.

Campus events and student services were also on SGA's agenda.

After the questionable fate of tailgating, the student services committee is preparing for football season. Senators said they want to try to find alternatives to tailgating, such as games and relay races.

Director Amanda Govaert said senators also want make student ID cards more useful by having them double as a student advantage card for discounts at local businesses.

Senators also discussed bus trips to away games. According to senator Katie Wiese, bus trips are being planned for two football and two basketball away games. Currently, SGA has set a price of $20 or less for a round-trip ticket, game ticket, t-shirt and meal.

Senator Justin Hinga said one objective was to attend meetings between state representatives like Tiny Adams and Muncie citizens, called Third House meetings. Hinga said Senators will inform SGA members and students about issues discussed at the Third House meetings.

"We want to inform the Ball State community about Third House meetings and referendums in the city council meetings," Hinga said. "Some of the issues directly affect students."

Other suggestions included improving transportation to downtown Muncie and traveling to Muncie High Schools to get potential Ball State students interested in SGA.