Beating around 'the Bush':Large corporations act as organized crime groups

Organized crime is a lucrative business that robs the livelihood from its "constituency." This business has existed for centuries in various parts of the world. Sometimes the gangsters get arrested, and they may go to jail, but the business lives on. So how has this illegal business thrived for so long? The answer is simple: they pay union, city, state and federal officials large amounts of money so they won't pursue big investigations or authorize devastating busts that would cripple the business. In other words, our elected and appointed (judges) government officials are profiting from allowing organized crime to continue stealing our livelihood. If organized crime were legal, they would have the potential to run our country. They could buy nearly all governmental officials in order to not only remain in business, but dictate legislation in their favor.

Can you imagine if organized crime could dictate what laws and bills were voted on? You don't need to close your eyes to imagine this situation because it is going on right in front of us everyday, everywhere in this country. There is a new, legal, organized crime syndicate that threatens the livelihood of most Americans and the democracy of this nation. This new organized crime syndicate is BIG BUSINESS. The executives, financial advisors, lawyers and accounts of big business have become the new crime families that rob and steal from their constituency -- middle-class Americans. They pay off governmental officials in the form of campaign contributions in order to deregulate business, which allows companies to operate in the fashion of Enron, WorldCom, Xerox and that shifty Martha Stewart.

These companies report large profits through accounting loopholes (permitted by deregulation), making their stock seem attractive to potential buyers. The stock goes up, and through illegal insider trading, the rich crime families sell before the stock dies -- leaving all the losses to the poor Americans that thought the stock was profitable. So, the rich get rich on the losses of ignorant middle-class Americans. Then after the company gets sued or goes bankrupt, all the ignorant employees lose their jobs and their retirements -- which they invested in the company because they thought it was doing well.

These new crime families are ruthless, greedy, shameless, heartless, selfish parasites that are sucking the money and democracy out of this great nation by bribing governmental officials. All politicians take money from big business in the form of "soft money," but the Republicans, by far, take the most; hell, Bush has former Enron executives working for him.

Major drug companies have given over $12 million to politicians, and over three-fourths have gone to Republicans -- just this year. Do you think that these companies are paying millions of dollars for legislation that benefits the people of this nation -- hell no, wake up America, they are looking out for executive board members. Is this democracy? I thought it was one person, one vote, not one dollar, one vote. The corruption and manipulation that goes on between dirty politicians and big business crime families is too immense to even grasp, let alone write in 500 words.

Anyone who supports big business is either a wealthy old miser or just a plain fool. So get angry, write your congressmen; don't let this new-age mafia rob you.

The only thing that will speak louder than a million dollars is a million voices. Let's stop the blatant bribery that is ravaging our democracy and dictating our legislation while we still have the chance -- who knows what law big business will buy next.




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