Yorn rocks in Indy

Mixture of old, new songs keeps Egyptian Room audience entertained

Pete Yorn walked onto the stage Wednesday night in Indianapolis to the screams and cheers of hundreds of fans waiting impatiently for his appearance.

Playing songs from his album "Musicforthemorningafter" and a few new sets, Yorn rocked the house at the Murat.

The colorful lights were present but the music did the talking for itself. In his dirty blue jean coat, Yorn made everybody in the room feel the music, rather than listen to it.

Yorn opened the set with "Black" off his album. As he started to sing, there was a different sound coming from him. The song sounded a bit different from the album version which made it feel more natural. Yorn was singing to the crowd, rather than those who buy the his album. This carried on throughout the concert and the audience feel special.

Later into the concert, Yorn started playing a Bruce Springsteen classic. He surprised the crowd by singing the first part to "Dancing in the Dark," which lead into the next song on the set. He sang it slow and lowered his voice a bit for an almost perfect rendition of the Boss.

He played his more popular songs including "For Nancy," "Life on a Chain" and "Strange Condition." Yorn also unveiled some new songs in the concert.

He ended the show by playing a hard version of the song he did for the "Spider-man" soundtrack. "Undercover" was a song most people hadn't heard yet. Yorn jokingly said, "It wasn't cool enough to be played in the movie... ."

The song really fit well with the subject of Spiderman and really made everybody interested in the not-so-popular song.

Yorn also played a new song called "Panic." The song started out with light vocals and instruments and took off after the first few verses with heavy drums and guitar. He changed a line to say "Panic in the streets of Indianapolis" rather than Los Angeles.

After playing 14 songs, Yorn and the band members said good night and left the stage. Most thought it was the end of the show and started leaving. However, the diehards that remained continued to cheer for Yorn.

Yorn and the band then came back to the stage.

He started singing the Poison classic "Every Rose Has It's Thorn," and quickly ditched the effort as the audience started laughing at the joke.

Yorn then played three more songs for the eager crowd and finished with "Murray" from the album.

Yorn's first show in Indianapolis was excellent. He interacted with the crowd, made jokes and played a great set of new and old songs.


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