Terrorism alerts shouldn't dictate lives

In a recent TIME/CNN poll 90 percent of Americans said they believe it is somewhat or very likely that an act of terrorism will occur somewhere in the U.S. during the next 12 months.

While the next attacks may not be as monstrous as Sept. 11, something most likely will happen to justify these fears.

A Cairo newspaper published a warning Sunday from an al Qaeda spokesperson telling America to be ready for more terrorist attacks.

"What is coming to the Americans will not, by the will of God, be less than what has come," Sulaiman bu Ghaith said in the al-Hayat, a pan-arab daily paper. "So beware, America. Get ready. Get prepared. Put on the safety belt."

Although the reality of another attack is fairly high, we as Americans should not let ourselves be terrorized. We give in to their desires when we choose to let looming fear tyrannize our lives.

But that does not mean Americans must remain carefree and ignorant about threats to national security.

Students must be informed. Watch the news. Make it a point to know what is going on around you. Base your own decisions on analyzed information from reputable sources and then go from there.

The extent to which we let these warnings affect our lives is a personal decision. But make sure your decision is a knowledgeable one. --2) Reditorial6.3.02DNEditorial--2SORT>+â-ä2AUDT