Ball State takes Jacoby Trophy

Ball State women's athletics received the Mid-American Conference's top institutional award, the Jacoby Trophy, for the third consecutive year.

Ball State blew the competition away with their final standing of 71.5, with the closest being Kent State with 59.

The 2001-2002 Jacoby Trophy is Ball State's fourth overall.

Western Michigan and Bowling are the only other MAC universities to win three consecutive Jacoby trophies.

"We are very excited about this," said Ball State Athletics Director Andrea Seger. "We are the leaders of the pack."

The Jacoby Trophy is an annual trophy named after the former MAC commissioner Fred Jacoby.

The MAC university that has the sixth-highest finish in 12 sports, as long as three of the six sports are basketball, volleyball and softball will be awarded the Jacoby Trophy.

"With women's athletics being only 27 years-old," Seger said, "this shows how quickly women's athletics has come along."

The men's athletic programs are awarded with the Reese Trophy, where Ball State placed third.

"At any given year we can with both trophies, " said Seger.

"In 1998, we won both trophies which signified where we want to be with our programs."

The Reese Trophy is named after former MAC commissioner David E. Reese.

The guidelines for the Reese Trophy are identical to the Jacoby Trophy, except there are only 11 sports for the men's programs instead of 12 in the women's.

The three of the top six sports for men must be football, basketball and baseball combined.

"We've been in the top three in both trophy races for the last three years," said Seger.

"We've finally got it to the point where women's athletics are just as successful as our men's program."