Provost postpones government structuring vote

Members serving on 2002-2003 senate board to vote on restructure.

The debate over how to structure the government within the university will be left to those serving in the 2002-2003 University Senate.

Provost Warren Vander Hill moved to postpone a scheduled vote on the issue, explaining it was apparent that not enough voices of academic departments had been heard.

Vander Hill said he had "concern that the departments did not take time to deliberate specifically on the issue."

He then suggested deans and department chairmen and chairwomen devote one departmental meeting to the specific discussion of the ramifications of changing the Senate structure.

The remainder of the final meeting of the 2001-2002 University Senate was then focused on unfinished business.

The Senate passed legislation to increase the normal course load from 12 to 17 credits to 12 to 18 credits in a fall or spring semester. The determination of a normal course load for a five-week summer term stayed at six to nine credits.

The legislation calls for students on academic probation to not be allowed to register for more than 18 credits, as opposed to the current 17.5 credit limit.

Senate also passed a minimum grade requirement proposal with a 41 to 9 vote with two abstentions. If accepted, both full- and part-time students will be required to have a 1.0 grade point average or above to remain as a student at Ball State.

The senate also voted to change the makeup of the current University Senate. Two contract faculty members will have seats on the University Senate in the future. After being asked why the governance committee would make a recommendation without knowing the future structure of the Senate, chairwoman Marilyn Buck defended the idea.

"It will be two years before the change," Buck said. "Contract faculty have a right to be represented in that two-year period."

The possibility of a requirement for both contract faculty to be from different departments failed.

A meeting of the 2002-2003 University Senate was held after the first meeting to determine positions. Marilyn Buck, assistant to the chairman of the School of Physical Education was voted to be the University Senate Chairwoman. Clare Chatot will remain as the vice chairwoman.


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