PPO Alternative to BSU Health Premiums

After hearing some of my co-workers speculate about the soon to be

released new BSU health insurance premiums, I decided to offer a not

so new idea.-á Seems the campus Update paper is running a series aimed

at softening the blow of this year's increase and trying to sway

employees in the direction of the PPO plan.-á The article in the Update

conjured up a few memories from years ago when I worked for a local

Electrical Contractor.

Although the company was small, it, like BSU, was self insured.

However, there were-á major differences between the health care plans

of the two.-á The Contractor provided the insurance to its' employees

free of charge.-á As I recall, when they made the change from an

insurance provider to being self insured, they budgeted the amount

paid out in premiums in recent previous years to the provider.-á They

maintained a provider for large claims only (something like five or

ten-thousand dollars and over per claim) but paid all smaller claims

out of their own budget.-á Here's the twist.-á They split any savings

realized between what was budgeted and what was spent with the


This encouraged the employees to lead healthier lives and

go to the doctor only when really necessary.-á No, nobody neglected

their own health or the health of their dependents and died, but what

did happen was a huge savings to the company and checks of several

hundred dollars paid out to each employee at the end of the fiscal

year.-á The best part was there was no restriction on who you could

seek care from, no payment for only "reasonable and customary charges"

and never any increase in premiums paid by the employees.

I think a similar reward system could work for BSU.-á Not only for

health insurance, but also for unused vacation and especially sick

leave.-á Want people to consistently show up for work?-á Buy back their

sick leave BEFORE they retire but after they have accumulated 60 or 90

days leave instead of trying find ways to penalize them.-á I think the

University Community would suddenly become healthier if these types of

policies were adopted.

Thank you,

Brent Baumer




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