Muncie police officer faces drug charges

After allegedly dealing drugs from his patrol car while on duty last Friday, Muncie police officer Tyrone Haskins was arrested and charged with dealing cocaine and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute

"It is very disappointing," Muncie Police Chief Joe Winkle said. "I can't think of too many things you can do to tarnish the badge and the uniform than this."

Haskins was sent on a call to a secluded area at the Muncie mall after 9 p.m. The call was placed to set him up for his arrest in a place where he could easily be apprehended.

"We felt he had some things in his possession and were afraid bringing him down to city hall might alert him," Winkle said. "Back where he pulled in was a very secluded area. As soon as he exited his car he was placed in handcuffs and everything was under control."

Winkle said Haskins was cooperative with the Muncie-Delaware County Task Force as they arrested him.

Winkle declined to comment on the type and amount of drugs that the Muncie-Delaware County Task Force found in Haskins possession.

Winkle said police grew suspicious of Haskins after his name came up in investigations by the drug task force. He has been under investigation for four months, Winkle said.

In 1997 officers found cocaine in Haskins wallet. According to Winkle, Haskins said the cocaine was not his. The MPD subjected Haskins to a drug test. Haskins tested positive for cocaine and was suspended.

Winkle said he was not fired because precedents had already been set concerning drug use and suspensions.

Haskins was also a security guard at Southside High School and had been working there for the past eight years, Karen Jones said, Director of Human Resources for Muncie Community Schools.

Winkle said he had no reason to believe that Haskins sold drugs to high school students.

Southside principal John Robbins declined to comment.

Jones said she was not sure if the school knew about Haskins positive drug test in 1997.

Haskins is currently on administrative leave with pay. He will go before the Muncie Police and Fire Merit Board today to determine what disciplinary action will be taken.

Winkle said Haskins arrest will not affect his departments ability to enforce the law.

"We've proven we will arrest our own people," Winkle said. "But it is a black eye on law enforcement. I was as shocked as anyone."


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