Fire code violations close village night club

Lack of exits fire departments main concern.

Students will need to find a new place to party in the Village.

Muncie City Police shut down the Olympus Club at 505 North Dill Street on April 27.

On April 30, narcotics and pornographic materials were found at the club according to police reports. Police also found beer and liquor hidden under a blanket.

According to Joe Scott, Chief Inspector for the Muncie Fire Department, the club was also in violation of fire codes which was grounds for an emergency closing.

Police were notified of a private party being held at the club that night. Patrol officers noticed that doormen were not checking a list as they took money from patrons.

"It did not look like they were being selective" said Scott.

Police approached the club to do a walk-through search. When police approached the club, doormen entered the club and bolted the front entrance.

The rear exit was also bolted, but an employee allowed the police to enter. When police entered they found the club had been evacuated.

"We basically had to close the place up ourselves once we were done," said Muncie Police Chief James Peters.

According to police reports, an odor of marijuana was evident from the V.I.P. room.

Olympus only has a catering permit for alcohol sales and might have been violating alcohol laws by selling at a party that may not have been private.

Bean lacked an entertainment permit, which is required to operate equipment such as a DJ table or karaoke machine for public purposes, Scott said.

Also found were photos of a naked woman, which appeared to have been taken inside the club, according to police reports.

The investigation also turned up numerous fire code violations and safety issues.

The main concern to the fire department was the lack of effective exits, Scott said. Some doors lacked doorknobs, and inspectors also found that the panic bars had been removed from doors.

To meet fire code, exit doors must have the ability to open with one movement. Scott said the back door would have required "special knowledge" to operate in an emergency.

Electrical problems were also a concern, Scott said. The basement was flooded due to afternoon rains. Standing water covered the electrical sockets in the floorboards, said Scott. Water was also covering extension cords used to power the DJ table.

The water-soaked outlets did not violate fire code.

"We know it's a problem to have water in electrical outlets, but there's nothing written in the code about it," Scott said.

The extensive use of extension cords did violate fire codes, Scott said.

Scott said attempts had been made on several occasions to inspect the club for fire code violations.

"The Olympus Club opened at 10 P.M. for business, and our inspectors go home at 4 P.M." said Scott. "We even had a guy stop by at 6 P.M. on his way home one night to see if someone was setting up , but no one was there."

Bean is scheduled to make a mandatory appearance before the state fire marshal. An inspection of repairs may be required before Olympus is allowed to re-open.

Bean could not be reached for comment.


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