Ball State will benenfit from MITS takeover

Seven years ago, MITS (Muncie Indiana Transit System) began proposing a takeover of the campus shuttle service. According to MITS estimates, Ball State currently spends between $325,000 and $330,000 per year to operate the buses.

MITS would charge Ball State only $95,000 per year to run the shuttle. In a time when the university is raising tuition and technology fees, it cannot afford to overlook this potential savings.

In addition, MITS would provide an "unlimited access plan," allowing anyone with a Ball State ID to ride any MITS bus anywhere in the city for free.

Students would be less likely to bring cars to campus if they knew they could easily get anywhere in Muncie for free. This could help alleviate the parking problem on campus, and make a safer environment for pedestrians.

According to Larry King, MITS bus manager, the SGA passed a motion two years ago asking the administration to look into an unlimited access plan with MITS.

The administration should work to speed up these negotiations. Seven years should be more than enough time to reach an agreement. The results could be significant saving for the university, and more convenient transportation for students, faculty and staff.


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