It's All Greek to me: IFC Call to Action forum Saturday; voice opinions

Disclaimer: For the countless of readers who come up to me and ask why I only write about greek issues, look up at the byline. It says, "It's All Greek to Me." Something tells me the column underneath that title should be about greek life. Weird.

How many of you out there in Greekville have wanted an opportunity to tell Rob Turning how the Interfraternity Council can do its job better? How many of you have wondered why Tony Biloto made a certain decision? Well, for those of you who answered yes to one of the previous questions, you have your chance this Saturday.

On Saturday at 10 a.m. in the Student Center Forum Room, you have an opportunity to come together with the rest of the greek community to voice your concerns about any and all elements of our system. IFC will sponsor its first Call to Action conference featuring representatives from all members of our community.

The group plans to hold this event annually.

Biloto said community communication was something he intends to improve.

"It was one of my platform issues to have these types of open forums and to improve community relations," he said.

For those who choose to participate, I applaud your willingness to come together to solve a problem. For those who choose not to partake in the discussion, take a second to think next time you complain about a policy or regulation. After all, you could have improved it.

As for issues you can count on being discussed, look for a wide range of things to be bantered about. I would like to see innovative recruitment ideas shared. Either we start to rebuild our chapters and increase our numbers or we won't be around much longer. For those chapters who continually get great numbers, share your secrets.

Other issues I would like to see discussed in detail are community service and philanthropies. I think we all know the only way to better our system from a public relations sense is to continually work with surrounding communities and demolish any stereotypes they may have about greeks at Ball State.

I have noticed a trend in my four years here at Ball State that is a downward spiral for most every fraternity that tends to lean toward apathy and lack of involvement. It is a shame. I would say that we have some of the most powerful people on campus in our organizations: Ryan Eddy, Tommy Rector, Adam Drummond, and the countless others who have contributed their time and talents to better our university.

Most of our big hitters, however, are graduating in a little less than five weeks. It is time for the younger members to step up and begin to lead us into the future. I am excited about the potential. It is there but it needs to be cultivated. It starts this Saturday,

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