Temporal front: War necessary to end terrorism

Protesting this war is a dangerous, misguided undertaking.

War is as old as humanity itself. It serves more purposes than mere aggression, and it is crucial in any civilization. This war on terrorism, like so many others, is rooted in justice and truth.

There are liberal democrats in this country decrying this war on terror, shouting it should end. Their peace rallies, big talk, and assaults on the president show exactly where their agenda lies. Tom Daschle has time and time again attacked the president and this war. He is the leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate and sets the tone for its members.

On at least three different occasions during the Clinton Administration, foreign terrorists made aggressive attacks on the United States and our interests. The slaughter of troops in Mogadishu, the attacks on U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, and the attacks on the U.S.S. Cole all went without serious response from Bill Clinton. Rather than doing the right thing, he did what most liberals do.

He traded national security for the illusion of peace. Many believe that Al Gore would have done the same thing after Sept. 11. What kind of shape would we be in without the strong leadership of George W. Bush?

It was the submissive behavior and lack of moral character in Bill Clinton that made Osama Bin Laden believe America would roll over and play dead after his attacks. He did not understand that not all Americans attend peace rallies, have poor character, and shirk from responsibility. America has risen to the occasion every time it has been called, and this time is no different. Osama Bin Laden was dead wrong.

War protesters and peaceniks are in the minority for a reason. It is not because the rest of us are blood-thirsty, war-mongering aggressors. It is because the rest of us learn from experience.

There have been two world wars, and during both of them it took United States intervention to save the world from evil empires. It was the United States that stood toe to toe with the Communists during the cold war. It was the United States that helped Afghanistan begin the destruction of the Soviet Union. It will be the United States that saves the civilized world from terrorism.

Wherever this war on terrorism takes us, there will be protesters - shallow people asking why we can't all just get along. We all don't get along because of very simple reasons: jealousy of our prosperity, hatred of our democracy, and disdain of our First Amendment. All the peace rallies in the world or studies on the "feelings" of the enemy will not neutralize these factors. The only thing that will keep us safe and protect our way of life is definitive action.

It is true that no sane person wants a war. Wars are ugly things, but they are necessary. Let it not be forgotten that it was the religious zealots of Al Qaida that started this war. Like the bully who picks on the wrong kid in the school yard, these terrorists will learn the price for attacking America.

Rallying for peace is equivalent to saying Americans are wrong. It says we should sit back and take attacks as they come, never retaliating. It says those who died on Sept. 11 deserved to perish. It says fascist and totalitarian governments are better than our democracy. It says compromise is better than the facts. It says we are wrong, and there is nothing farther from the truth.

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