Letter: War right: founding fathers sacrificed lives for liberation

Dear editor:

Peter Taverna, I do hope you are not so foolish as your last column makes you seem. Sound familiar? This is the same opening you used to trash Russell Greim's column about war. While I have some disagreements with Greim's column myself, the point I want to make is that your column was full of hopelessly foolish statements.

First you claim that war is not crucial to civilization. Why don't you tell this to the Ancient Israelites, Romans, and Byzantines? Foreign warriors destroyed each of these civilizations and I seem to recall each of these "civilizations" as having some kind of cultural impact on Western "Civilization."

Second, you claim, "Without someone else declaring war on us we would not need revenge." It is true that it takes two sides to fight a war, but in this case it is clear cut that your country is on the right side.

Third, you say, "When we kill an innocent, are we justified in the taking of that life ... in the pursuit of a greater good?" The answer is yes.

The point I will make is that you support "any single human life being more important than any way of life." This view conflicts with the principles America was founded upon. The founding fathers fought for America's liberation, willing to sacrifice themselves for an idea called America. How dare you attack the very idea of America with such a selfish statement. Many would lay down their lives for the American way of life in the face of terror or any other threat.

I see your view as one of utopian idealism that has no basis in reality. The world is not a perfect place, but it can become better if America is willing to use war to protect itself and spread its principles of liberty, capitalism and fundamental equality throughout the volatile world in which we live.

Micah Legg



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