Editorial: Attend Women's Week regardless of gender

30-year anniversary of program marks change in society.

Thirty years ago, Sharon Seager, Betty Newcomb and Marie Vogel saw the need for a different course of study within Ball State University. The women's movement was alive and well around the country, yet at Ball State the wheels of change were moving slowly.

These three women saw the need for women's studies at Ball State and through their hard work, they brought a new way of thinking.

The Women' Studies Program has grown to 83 minors since its inception in 1980. This year Ball State will celebrate the 30-year anniversary of a women's studies course being taught at the university. The celebration will take place at the conclusion of Women's Week, which begins today.

This week, female educators and lecturers will be on campus to educate and discuss the issues confronting women today, a continuation of the same ideals that Seager, Newcomb and Vogel saw the need for 30 years ago.

Wednesday night will highlight the week, when renowned activist and author Gloria Steinem will take the Emens Auditorium stage to present "Feminism 101."

This is an opportunity of which the entire Ball State community must take advantage. Many of the issues being discussed this week are of great importance and interest no matter your gender.


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