Restaurants eager for holiday

As Valentine's Day approaches, love will not only be in the air but also in the food.

While many students worry about the perfect gifts for their mates, employees at Muncie's restaurants plan for the Valentine's rush this Thursday.

Eric Reece, service manager at the Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, 304 W. McGalliard Rd., knows his restaurant will be exceptionally busy for the holiday. "We don't take reservations; availability is on first-come, first-served basis," he said.

Rather than simply going out to eat, Reece said he wants to give the public an experience.

"I'm here to ensure the public gets what it wants," he said. "We treat our guests as friends and family."

Although he has not experienced it first-hand, Reece knows marriage proposals have been made and anniversaries have been celebrated at his restaurant.

Couples have fallen in love at MCL Cafeteria in the Muncie Mall.

General manager Matt Bridges, who has worked at MCL for 20 years, said people have met and fallen in love at his restaurant. One couple married there several years ago.

Bridges said the weather will determine how busy his restaurant will be on Valentine's Day.

"If it's nice out, people will want to go out and eat," he said, "If it's not, however, we probably won't be as busy."

Elizabeth Kirk, general manager at Benjamin's, 2915 W. Bethel Ave., said her restaurant has been extremely busy on Valentine's Day. She recommends reservations as soon as a couple knows they want to eat there. Benjamin's is offering a Valentine's Day dinner for $80 per couple.

Kirk said Benjamin's has a charming ambiance, offering gourmet food with a relaxed atmosphere.

Chi-Chi's Mexican Restaurant, 4434 Scatterfield Rd., prides itself on its upbeat and down-to-earth staff, according to manager Shane Blades. "Anybody in the world can come into our restaurant and find one employee they would like," he said.

Blades said Chi-Chi's recently received a comment card by a woman who had a first date there several years ago. The woman was later proposed to and is now planning to celebrate her five-year anniversary at the restaurant.

Couples who have been married for 50 years or more can eat a free meal on Valentine's Day at Old Country Buffet, 5567 Scatterfield Rd., service manager Anita McCarter said.

"It's nice for the older couples because it's homemade food which is catered to them," she said.

Sophomore Candis Dias plans to go out to the Olive Garden with her fiance Thursday. "It's nice but not too expensive. They also have a candlelight atmosphere."


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