Mayor pledges BSU partnership

Mayor Dan Canan pledged to improve downtown Muncie and strengthen the the bonds between Ball State and the city during his State of the City Address Tuesday.

"Ball State helps define our community," Canan said.

Canan said for the future he envisions new opportunities between Ball State and Muncie, focusing on the areas of economic development, downtown development and student and faculty recruitment.

"Muncie needs to partner with Ball State as they look to attract students and faculty," he said. "I pledge that city government will do its job in improving the community so that when a person selects Ball State, they are also selecting Muncie."

Canan also addressed the importance of cleanliness in the community. He said the responsibility does not only rest with the government. He said the entire community should make an effort to keep Muncie clean, starting in their own neighborhoods.

"If you are walking down the street and you see trash - pick it up," Canan said. "If you know of government properties that need attention, call us- we will respond.

"A clean community does not happen on its own," he said. "It needs to be a community-wide commitment. Since becoming mayor, I have placed a high priority on cleaning up the city with positive results."

Canan also spoke about the developments downtown. He said new businesses, more residents and more activities have lead to a marked change in its presence.

"Businesses and entrepreneurs are now actively seeking opportunities to invest in or open businesses downtown," he said. " That is something that was not the case five years ago."

Canan said his goal for 2002 is to install new traffic signal poles at all intersections on South Walnut from Main to Charles Street. He also wants to install pedestrian signage and benches as well.

"I believe that continued improvement of our downtown is necessary for prosperous Muncie," Canan said. "My administration remains committed to the redevelopment of downtown and will continue to pledge financial resources to see this effort succeed."


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