Letter: Student government needs to take stand in potential smoking ban

Dear editor:

I have been reading the news about the Muncie ban on smoking and I want to voice that I am strongly in favor of the ban in restaurants.

There has been ample research to support the fact that second hand smoke is more dangerous than first hand, and that is really the issue here. I work in a restaurant (serving and bartending) and whenever I am scheduled in the smoking section or bartending, it is a little harder for me to breathe the next day. This bothers me, but I have to make a living.

The article about the Student Government Association not sending a letter of support actually upset me a little. While I was in SGA, there were senators writing legislation about enforcing the rule about how close to a building you can stand while you smoke. There is a safety committee always thinking of ways to make the campus safer, and certainly your lungs are safer if you are not around smoke. Yet, they don't wish to send a letter of support of the smoking ban? I don't want to sound bitter, but I think a letter from an organization on campus would certainly leave a strong impact, considering the students are the bulk of business in Muncie. I, personally, feel that SGA would be a strong voice for this issue.

I realize that smoking is a choice, and that banning it in restaurants limits that choice, but those of us that choose not to smoke also should have that same freedom.

Billie Laverghetta


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