Editorial: Smoking in restaurant future is up to you

A nine-member task force assigned by Delaware County commissioners to gauge public opinion on limiting or eventually banning cigarettes in restaurants will meet tonight at 7 in Muncie's City Hall. Key to the discussion will be a one-page survey the task force will have available.

The survey offers five options, each possibly having an effect on the future of smoking. The options range from the mild -- letting restaurants that currently allow smoking to continue doing so -- to the more extreme -- banning smoking in restaurants within five years.

In between lies a series of less-polarized options. One would designate smoking hours when children could not be present. Another would require smoking areas in current restaurants be walled off with different ventilation systems within 10 years.

This will be the public's chance to voice opinions on the issue. The restaurants and bars already have their interests represented. Whether you support it or not, the time to make your opinion known is now.


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