Your Turn: Unemployed want more jobs, not aid

Judging from her column of Jan. 22, Courtney Sturgeon simply tuned in for the Democrats' weekend radio address and has either been oblivious to or ignored the political landscape of the last two months.

Her last paragraph is intriguing; both correct and naGÇóve at the same time. A quick summary of that paragraph is that there should be more jobs available to the recently unemployed. However her entire column shows her naGÇóve nature by giving credit to the Democratic Party for their efforts to provide just that.

No unemployed or logical person would disagree that more jobs are needed. Unemployed people need jobs, not a government handout. This is where Republicans and Democrats disagree, and have disagreed for decades. Republicans want to create jobs. The goals laid out by the President in his economic stimulus package are in order to create the means for businesses to hire new employees. This creates jobs, increases their productivity, and increases overall wealth. That makes simple economic sense doesn't it? If jobs are needed, who is going to provide them except for business? Why can't something with its roots in Economics 101 be agreed upon and implemented? The answer to that question is quite a bit more complicated.

Tom Daschle, senate majority leader, is a Democrat, and the strategy of the Democratic Party is twofold. Since the time of Roosevelt, the Democrats have been the champions of big government and the creation of a dependent class. They don't want to create more jobs; instead they want to give away taxpayer money to the unemployed. They seek to extend and expand unemployment benefits, and they want to make people dependent on them for their very survival. Their second goal is even more covert, yet obvious. Tom Daschle has stopped President Bush's economic stimulus package from coming to a vote. He won't even allow it to be discussed on the Senate floor.

Mr. Daschle and his ultra-liberal democratic cohorts want the economy to continue in its crippled state. They seek not to do what is best for the American people; they want to make sure that they have the sagging economy to use as a political weapon in the November elections.

If the Democrats are so desperately concerned about the unemployed and the economy then they should quit trying to sabotage the economic stimulus package for their own political gain.

Unemployed people want to work, be productive and earn a living. They don't want a check from Uncle Sam. Give businesses the means and incentives to hire employees; give people back more of their own money and stand back. The economy will recover quickly, not because the government is redistributing the wealth, but because Americans are doing what Americans do best: succeeding.

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