YOUR TURN - Eminent domain prompts recycling of home

I stayed in Muncie until the second week of November 2001, and Ball State did nothing about taking my home. The week I left to go to Florida for the winter, Ball State must have been watching me leave because I received a legal notice to be out of my home. Yes, by eminent domain. It is lower than a snake's hip to force a person in the middle of the Christmas holiday to move from his home. I even had an auction set for June 1 of this year.

But no, the University would not allow this to happen. This is how low down Ball State will go to treat people who are not "yes" people to them. I know because I worked for the university for 30 years and was the only employee in the housing department that did not receive a merit pay raise during this time. The university likes employees who are "yes" people.

My rich next door neighbor for whom the university is named, however, had a wonderful holiday in her home as well as my neighbor across the street who remained in Florida for the Christmas holiday.Yes, I am treated differently. The hardest thing besides being forced from your home is moving during holiday and the cold weather. Try living most of your years in your home and being forced out but seeing your neighbors who suck up to the university remain in their homes.

Yes, I am bitter. I spent three months in grief, three months in denial as well as depression, but the university gave me no help during this process. Ball State couldn't care less about taking your personal home. I reallyy needed professional counseling. Having answered my Lord, and having given up on my house before a stroke or heart attack as well as spending many nights praying to the Lord and what I should do. The Lord answered me in the sermon that week to give up and do not look behind, but the future is bright for I have my health.

It is hard to do, but by the grace of my faith and prayers from my friends, I have put it behind me. Still, the future holds me in front of a jury with hopes that I will receive the same amount for my four 48-foot lots that Ball State paid others in the neighborhood.

What saved me, besides the Lord, is knowing that most of my home will be recycled and will be used in some other fine homes in the future and will not go to the dump like all the other homes that Ball State has destroyed and demolished in the past. Even my slate roof will be upon some other Indiana home. If you are an artist and would like some of left over slate pieces for free to paint upon, please give me a call.

They came from the old Muncie Mission 70 years ago which at that time was very old some. Yes, I hope such an artist can paint upon them and share some of the history of Muncie.

I will also share half for free some of my plants, scrubs, surprise lilies and bulbs if you have a backhoe and can help me replant half of them at my new home. This must be done soon, because Ball State takes my home on Feb. 13.


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