Local band is mellow in style

Grade: B

Good things can come in threes, and such is the case with "To Whom, Brother," the third CD release from Indiana band Might As Well.

This five-member band of Jim Martin (vocals), Greg Lass (lead guitar), Felix Moxter (viola), Rich Lee (drums) and Murray Moothry (bass) formed in Fort Wayne in the early 1990s and has released two other albums.

According to the band's official Web site, it is set to come back to Muncie on March 2 at 10 p.m. for another CD release party at the Heorot downtown.

The band's style is mellow, soft and perfect music to study to. "To Whom, Brother" displays not only instrumental talent in the form of mellow guitar rhythms, but it also displays the vocal talents of Jim Martin. The band is known through its listening area for its improvisational jazz and traditional rock blend, a trend that shows up frequently on the CD.

Comparatively speaking, this ensemble's work very much resembles the music of Jethro Tull, with its soothing melodies and meaningful lyrics. At times, Martin even sounded a little like Ian Anderson, the lead vocalist for Jethro Tull.

"Polyester Lightning," the fifth song on the CD, is an example of Martin's artful lyrics.

"The road in front rises to meet your shoes, your smile says happy but your heart says blues, have you ever tried telling what's in your heart, no need to try so hard or making up a part," the song says.

Lyrics such as these are a refreshing change from what is heard in mainstream alternative rock, and that is something that makes the CD a good break from the alternative rock genre.

Another reason to add this CD to the collection is the fact that Might As Well does mostly original material but at the same time doesn't get stuck in just one rhythm or sound, and that can be difficult to do. Sometimes an artist's songs begin sounding alike or have lyrics that generate around the same themes and ideas. This CD doesn't do that, and that fact is refreshing.

The band also does some cover songs by artists such as Bob Dylan, Phish and Grateful Dead, but Might As Well does no cover songs on "To Whom, Brother."

Overall, this CD is enjoyable and fun to listen to. It is a softer sound, one that can be appreciated by aficionados of any genre of music.


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