Indiana casino gives guests 'Roman' experience

Bridgeport -New Albany native Doc Glasgow has never been to Italy, yet he experienced the glory of Rome - not the ruins, but rather the riverboat casino.

Glasgow and tens of thousands like him have visited Caesars riverboat complex, located in Bridgeport. Among the Caesars empire is a hotel, restaurants, shops and the world's largest gaming vessel; all of which incorporate a lavish Roman Empire theme.

The recently completed hotel features more than 500 rooms and suites and offers amenities such as concierge services, 24-hour room service and a fitness center.

The concourse offers fine dining for more discriminating guests. Legends, with its moderately priced entrees and expansive bar, courts guests of all ages. The buffet, which seems to be a favorite of the older generation, is calm, if not mundane.

Steven Day, an engineering student at the University of Louisville, is a regular at Legends.

"My parents and I eat here, quite a bit," he said. "I guess I'd characterize it as a ritzy sports bar with some food."

Employees dressed as Caesar and Cleopatra walk among the guests to provide a more "Roman" experience. Both declined comment but did give the casino a thumbs up, reminiscent of "Gladiator."

The floating casino, "The Glory of Rome," is the complex's main attraction and lays claim to being the world's largest gaming vessel. It features 2,555 slot machines ranging in price from 5 cents to $500. More than 140 tables offer black jack, poker, roulette, dice and baccarat.

Glasgow said he generally plays the slots and Caribbean Stud and had opinions about how he perceives the odds.

"I seem to win more frequently at Caribbean Stud," he said. "The slots are a lot of fun, but you control less. I'd rather have a dealer beat me than a machine."

The boat has four stories, which contain six themed casinos. There are sports-themed, Roman-themed, movie-themed, burning of Rome-themed, music-themed and high limit-themed casinos. During weekdays, only the first two floors are open. Admission to the boat, as well as valet parking, is free.

"All the people on the boat seem to be really happy," Glasgow said. "The lights and atmosphere wake you up and put you in a good mood the whole time you're here."

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0 miles west of New Albany on Highway 111.

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