Hypnotist to seduce Student Center

Unlike the average hypnotist, Dale K uses props such as toilet-bowl brushes and dog dishes in his act, in addition relying on audience participation. He will bring his show to the Student Center Tally tonight at 7:30.

Dale K has opened for "Weird Al" Yankovic and Carrot Top. In 2001, the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities named Dale K the Performing Artist of the Year. He was also nominated by the National Association of Campus Activities as Emerging Artist of the Year.

According to Micah Hudson, president of University Program Board, "(Dale) K is more of a comedy routine, not your typical hypnotist.

"(He takes) a Barney doll and (makes) the audience afraid of it with lots of audience participation (and makes) it fun for them."

"Growing up, my Dad was a clown," Dale K said in a telephone interview. "There were always books lying around about magic or theater, so I was interested in live acts such as fire-eating."

Dale K is originally from Canada, but has lived in Chicago for two years, becoming interested in his craft at an early age.

"I was blown away when I saw my first hypnotist show, and wanted to be a different kind of hypnotist rather than doing it with a serious voice, with a swinging watch and dark goatee," he said.

He dabbled in hypnotism while in his late teens but performed his first show at 19. He performed Canadian shows before coming to the United States.

He has been a hypnotist for 10 years, but has been performing at college markets for a year and a half. He does 150 college shows a year and has also started to branch out into the television market, taping some pilot shows.

Dale K said the show will be fun, and not your typical hypnosis show where people show up in suits.

"The show is pretty spontaneous, so if something happens we can go from there and make fun of people," he said. "I control the music in the show, which is kind of different. It's not scripted and I don't play music again if the audience doesn't think it's funny."

Admission to tonight's show is free.