COLUMN: Determined sex seeker strikes out three times

Not all gays (or straights) are sex-crazed maniacs, but there are a few exceptions. We found a situation in which we were able to test this unscientifically.

We posed undercover as three separate individuals willing to meet a man all at different times. The results: shocking. The suspect: disturbing. The message: important.

While researching a gay Web site for a future article in Kevin's dorm, we came across a gay chat room.

Choosing a screen name that sounded "straight acting," we entered the room and immediately received an instant message from an individual in a computer lab. He was extremely interested in performing a specific sexual act in a discreet bathroom on campus where we (the individual we were posting as) could meet him.

We took a tape recorder for notes and headed to the location to scope out a spot where we could watch the suspect from a safe distance. An individual entered the bathroom who fit the description he gave us. While he was inside, we kept a close eye on anyone entering or exiting the area.

After waiting inside the bathroom at least 10 minutes, disappointed, he left, and went back downstairs to the computer lab. Strike one.

We followed him to the lab and sat only 15 feet away.

Posing as a different person, we signed back onto the same chat room. As soon as it was announced that we entered the room, the same man seeking sex messaged us. This time, our screen name was of a sexual nature and after chatting for only a few minutes, he offered to meet us again. We told him to meet us outside of a nearby residence hall. Once a location was set, he instantly left the computer lab to meet and hopefully perform the same sexual act he offered to the first fictitious person.

Giving him a few minutes to get to the residence hall, we stood outside at a distance where we could safely observe. Once again he smoked while he waited for his second potential sexual conquest. After finishing his cigarette, he headed back to the computer lab to search for what he has been waiting for this whole time. Strike two.

Once back in Kevin's dorm, we planned on retiring to write the article, but our curiosity forced us back online to see if he was still in the chat room. This time it was far more serious; he was anxious after being stood up twice.

We posed as a curious minor to see how far he would go and in response to finding out our age, he said, "Your (sic) dangerous, but I hope your (sic) worth the danger." He let us pick a meeting place, and expressing his urgency, he signed off. We did not visually witness him going to the meeting place, but from the two previous experiences, we know he left in a hurry. Strike three.

Out of all three of the chat conversations, the only time the topic of condoms came up was when we asked if he had any. He replied that it was his risk, and for us not to worry about it.

We hope you learned something from all of this. At the least, know your sexual partners or pay the consequences later. If not, your doctor will get to know you and your sexual diseases very well. Respect yourself enough to know what you're getting into before you take a trip to the campus bathroom or house party where the atmospheres are perfect for a potential STD swap meet.

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