EDITORIAL: BSU e-mail system safe from 'Goner' virus

Virus only infects Windows-based machines, spread through Outlook.

A new e-mail bug was launched earlier today already wreaking havoc with computer systems world wide. The virus "Goner" is a worm that infects Windows-based machines only and is spread through the Microsoft Outlook system.

The e-mail has a subject line of "Hi!" and has a screen saver attached to the body with a message that states, "How are you ? When I saw this screen saver, I immediately thought about you I am in a hurry, I promise you will love it," according to an e-mail sent by Loren D. Malm, University Computing Services Security Coordinator.

The message will also have a file attachment name "GONE.SCR" and looks harmless according to a McAfee virus research manager, but the virus is always malicious.

It sends itself through the address book and can get into ICQ messaging programs and send itself that way.

The virus itself was identified Tuesday afternoon, and by that evening, Ball State's e-mail system was safe. University Computing Services has upgraded its anti-virus programs to combat the "Goner" virus. A computer virus that can do serious damage during finals preparation would be disastrous. Kudos to UCS for fixing a problem before it could happen.


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