EDITORIAL: Amendment makes students accountable in election

Legislation does not lower standards, but raises expectations of student body.

Student Government Association senator Ryan Tirre proposed an amendment last Wednesday that would change the way we elect the SGA president.

Tirre's plan lowers the required GPA of presidential candidates from 2.7 to 2.0, and the required total of completed credits to 12 instead of the current 45.

One's grade point average should not be the sole determinant of whether or not a person is a solid leader. A candidate, however, should be judged on the way that person represents the student body and the university.

Does this mean SGA is lowering its standards for electing the student body president? No, it means that students would have to take more responsibility when electing their leader. This legislation makes the voter take the time to learn about the candidate and whether or not he or she represents the student body correctly.

Will this legislation allow a second semester freshman run for office with a sub-par GPA? Yes, but it is then up to the voters to decide whether or not to let that happen.


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