Alleged bomber released

Resident assistant saw smoking ketchup bottle on first floor of Howick Hall; called police.

A Ball State student was released from Delaware County Jail Tuesday night after being held on charges of manufacturing and hurling a bomb out of his residence hall window.

According to University Police records, Joshua Mocek, 18, was arrested at 9:17 p.m. Sunday after Mocek admitted to having manufactured two bottle-bombs out of the Works and aluminum foil and hurling them out his window at Howick Hall. No injuries were reported, nor was there any apparent property damage.

University Police had been called to Mocek's residence by Amy Cavanaugh, a resident assistant, concerning a ketchup bottle on the first floor that apparently was smoking. When police arrived, the ketchup bottle had stopped smoking, but during their investigation, the officers were informed by a student from Williams Hall that, after hearing a bang outside her window, she looked outside to see two students looking down at the part of the roof where a bomb made out of a water bottle had exploded. Officers questioned Mocek's roommate and at least one other student before interviewing Mocek and his companion.

According to University Police assistant chief Robert Fey, although no injuries were reported and no known property damage had been done, the two bombs had the potential to injure or to cause some kind of damage at close proximity. Fey said he knows of no motive behind the manufacturing of the bombs by Mocek other than simple experimentation.

University Police officers had been in contact with Mocek earlier that day when he reported a lap top computer had been taken from his room. According to reports, he had left his room for 10 to 15 minutes, and when he returned it was missing. He told officers he did not know if the door had been locked when he left, and he did not know if the theft was a prank by his friends.

Fey said he has no reason to believe the two incidents are related, but could not comment on whether or not any connection would be investigated.


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