University is not a babysitter, informs students of their choices

Dear editor,

This letter is in response to "Ball State does not stand morally firm; condones sex, drugs and drinking," written by Jordan Kauffman, a freshman. The letter was printed in the Nov.1 edition of the Daily News.

I just want to say and explain a few things to the Ball State newcomer. First of all, I want to know where he or she received the information that Ball State, in any way, condones the usage of drugs, underage drinking and premarital sex.

The thing that Jordan needs to realize is that Ball State is doing the right thing. Instead of pretending like these things never happen and saying "Don't do this!" Ball State is admitting that these things do happen and are going to happen, regardless of what is moral and what is not, and they're giving the students knowledge about how to do them safely. Ball State is not here to baby-sit us, but they are here to keep us informed and help us informed decisions. It's not Ball State's responsibility to teach us morals, it is their responsibility to give us the facts.

I don't know Jordan so I can't sit here and criticize or speak about his or beliefs, but I can say he or she can't sit here and tell us that our beliefs or what we're doing is wrong. College is all about experimenting and developing as people. So to answer Jordan's question, "But how should the school react?" I say they should react just the way they are. Keep us informed about how to keep safe from things like STD's and drugs, but let us make the final decision. Don't take sides, just let us know the possible consequences of our actions, and we'll decide what we think is moral.

Terry Mauer


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