Students enjoy Cardinals' upset over No. 4 Kansas

Some students referred to Drew Gooden as 'Drew Not-So-Gooden'.

There were about five people gathered in the Botsford/Swinford lounge at 4:30 last night to watch Ball State's season opening game against No. 7 Kansas. By the end of the game, though, about 35 students were there to see the Cardinals knock off the favored Jayhawks in the Maui Invitational.

"It was crazy down there," sophomore Steve Samuel said. "The crowd just grew the closer we got."

The students treated the Botsford/Swinford lounge like Worthen Arena, and the Jayhawks just like any other Ball State opponent.

"There was a bunch of guys yelling at the refs and heckling the players," sophomore Jason Ritter said, laughing. The crowd's favorite target was the Jayhawk's superstar, Drew Gooden. Ritter dubbed the forward, "Drew Not-So-Gooden."

All joking was set aside, however, when the Cardinals entered the last minute down by three points. Tension built after Chris Williams drained a game-tying three 3-pointer with 45 seconds on the clock.

"My heart could not stop beating," freshman Mark Pinkerton said.

The crowd went nuts following Kansas' subsequent turnover. When Patrick Jackson slipped past three Kansas defenders to scoop in the game-winner, the Botsford/Swinford cheer block let out a roar that probably could have been heard all the way in Maui.

"That play is going to be Chris Berman, Top 10 plays," Ritter shouted.

A few frenzied fans then took turns guessing which SportsCenter catchphrase would be used. Ritter impersonated Stuart Scott's "Oh no he didn't!"

Pinkerton invented his own new phrase, "Wham bam, thank you ma'am."

Every time Jackson's drive to the hoop was replayed, however, the students went silent and erupted after the ball dropped.

Doug Berry, a grad student might appreciate this win more than anybody.

"I've been here for six years and I've never heard of such a win," he said.

Samuel may have summed up everyone's excitement with just one sentence. "Now, nobody is going to go to school tomorrow."


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