Student senate to vote on finals legislation

Student Government Association again on Wednesday introduced legislation that would encourage the university to eliminate Saturday finals during the fall semester.

Student Senate will vote on the legislation next Wednesday.

The academic affairs committee, which tabled the legislation earlier this semester, introduced it again after receiving student input, co-authors Megan Pickens and Nick Zuniga said.

The committee gave surveys to senators for their constituents to fill out, and Zuniga said students are supportive of getting rid of the weekend fall final.

"We wanted to see more student support, that's why we tabled it," Zuniga said.

Pickens said faculty surveys, have also been supportive of eliminating the Saturday final.

Also Wednesday, SGA's rules and constitution committee tabled legislation that would alter the requirements students would have to meet in order to run for SGA president. The current requirements are that students have a 2.7 GPA and have completed at least 45 credit hours.

The legislation, written by junior senator Ryan Tirre, would reduce the GPA requirement to 2.0 and credit hour requirement to 12.

In the legislation, Tirre compared Ball State's requirements with those of other universities, such as most MAC schools and UCLA, Yale and Princeton. He said Ball State's requirements are higher than those universities.

"I'd like to see everybody have a chance to run and let the voters have the voice, have the power," Tirre said.

The committee questioned Tirre's research of other universities requirements.

"He makes some pretty broad accusations, which need to be backed up," sophomore senator Abby Delpha said.

SGA President Tommy Rector said Ball State should not be compared to other universities.

"I think that we're holding ourself to a higher standard, and I think we're living up to it as well," Rector said. "We're a lot more productive than other universities."

Rector said he was against reducing the GPA requirement because most other student positions on campus have a higher requirement, like joining a fraternity or running for office of Residence Hall Association.

Rector said he was also against lowering the credit hours requirement because he thinks the SGA president needs to have more experience on campus in order to know administrators and understand how the university functions.

"I think we should be raising the bar instead of lowering it," Rector said.

Tirre said he wanted requirements to be lowered to give potential leaders a chance to run.

Zuniga, who is chairman of the rules and constitution committee, said two semesters with a 2.0 GPA would put a student on academic probation.


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