Student Senate should not make same mistake

University Senate bypassed an opportunity to make it more accountable.

A vote that would have brought greater accountability to the University Senate was shot down Thursday by one vote.

Ironically, the resolution had gained a majority vote during last month's meeting, but was shot down on parlimentary grounds.

The amendment would require all substansive votes to be taken by roll call. The votes would then be released to the local media.

The main oppositions to this amendment had to do with time, and inconvenience. But is the relatively small amount of time it would take really such a burden, when balanced against the importance of holding senators accountable for their decisions.

"This was a vote against accountability," said Political Science Chairman Joe Losco. "It will increase the cynicism that is already felt toward this body."

Losco is absolutely correct. Voting against this amendment does not but re-enforce the negative views many faculty members have toward University Senate.

Thursday in this space, we wrote that Student Senate should follow the University Senate's lead, and pass a similar amendment in its own body. Well, now we believe Student Senate should take the lead, and show University Senate the wisdom of the path not taken.


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