Souljah to visit BSA Student Summit

"The Coldest Winter Ever." "No Disrespect." Author. Activist. "Souljah."

Sista Souljah will be coming to Ball State University this Saturday. For less than the monetary worth of a lunch or dinner meal plan in the Noyer, the Atrium, et al, you can hear this dynamic speaker. Where? The Student Center at the Black Student Association's Student Summit. Come this Saturday at 9 a.m. for workshops on health, wealth and relationships. Stay to hear Sista Souljah. Come for your personal edification or to get credit for that class requiring outside speaker attendance, or maybe even for a little of both.

BSA along with a number of very generous sponsors, (I'd thank you all right here, but I don't want to risk forgetting someone.) have worked together to bring a workshop to campus that will benefit anyone willing to open their mind and attend. We already have a number of people coming to attend from other schools. And with sessions being led by Ball State and visiting professors, you're sure to leave with a new perspective on something you take for granted daily.

Through e-mail I've been in contact with a lot of people who say they're interested in seeing and learning about "the other side." Here's yet another chance. Come and see and learn about this "other side." To those people who said they don't have time during the week to attend functions and both the groups that want more social and political programs. We've got you covered. See it's a weekend. And it starts in the morning. Watch cartoons, eat breakfast and come to the summit. And it's a social and political program all in one. Sociopolitical? And just in case you're hungry, we're making sure you get some food for you mind, body and spirit.

You'll see, hear, feel and learn that this "other side" isn't so far removed from what you see everyday. And I don't mean the dosages of nonsense on the idiot box. De la Croix.

I realize that everyone's not going to come to the Summit, especially since it's not free. But those that do make it won't be sorry. More information is available through the Black Student Association. Call 285-4020 or email me personally (email below) or the BSA e-mail account at for more information. OK, player?

And no, I haven't changed my approach. Check one of the "other guys'" columns.

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