Songs incorporated in troupe's new show

Absolunatics will take the stage in Pruis Hall tonight to showcase their amusing sketches and improv skits.

"As we approach this stressful time of the semester, I'm glad that the members have the opportunity to provide stress relief and harmless entertainment for the hard working students at Ball State University," Absolunacy Advisor, Michael Gerhard said.

Watch for Abso members to be present all day today at the Scramble Light, at the corner of Riverside and McKinley. Humorous activities are sure to be present. Although co-president Matt Van Curen was unable to tell of the events at the scramble light, he did say that the beginning of the show would have to do with what would happen at the Scramble Light.

Van Curen promised that this month's performance from the troupe would feature some new skits and games as well as some creative sketches.

The troupe has been working on some new sketches and games this past month by going to various workshops. They will also be incorporating songs in to the show and will also have various musical instruments on stage.

"We're leaving the instruments on stage so the audience can use them for ideas in the games," Van Curen said.

Several troupe members will be traveling to Amherst, Mass. in two weeks to compete in a comedy festival. During their time their the members will be attending workshops and trading ideas with other troupes.

"This will be the best road trip ever," first-year member, Wes Haney said, "it should be awesome and hilarious."

Fourth year member, Carey Kayser said the past Absolunacy shows have been very successful.

"We have a loyal following of fans, and we are expecting a similar turn out for this performance," Kayser said.

Admission to the show Friday at 7:30 p.m. is $2 per person. The troupe will be performing until 9. The show in Pruis will be followed immediately by UBP showing of Laura Croft: Tomb Raider at 9:30 p.m.


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