Rector is not the enemy, but a representative of the students

Dear editor,

There seem to be many rumors circulating around tailgating right now. One that concerns me greatly is about Tommy Rector, SGA President. I have heard from several people that they feel that Tommy is trying to do away with tailgating completely. I am writing to set the record straight. When issues surrounding tailgating problems began to arise, Tommy stepped up to the call for student representation on this matter. Had Tommy not stepped up to this responsibility, the students may not have been represented at all at these tailgating meetings.

Having served as an SGA senator for the past two semesters, I have been hearing feedback on all the current developments regarding tailgating directly from Tommy's mouth, and I can assure all of those in doubt that Tommy most certainly does NOT want to eliminate tailgating. On the contrary, Tommy is trying to save tailgating for the students, faculty and alumni.

However, with problems that have arisen at recent games, he sees that adjustments need to be made as to how tailgating occurs and he is keeping the tailgater's best interest in mind. Tommy is trying to ensure that tailgating remains a safe and fun event. Once again, Tommy Rector is not trying to eliminate tailgating; he is actually trying to preserve it. Please don't misunderstand his position on this matter.

Erica C. Zumwalt



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