Productivity vital to American life

Productivity of man is determined by the efficiency, effectiveness, persistence and pertinence of his cause. It's a matter of degree or to what extent the individual feels compelled to expound upon his ideals.

Time is an extremely valuable commodity which people need to take more control. In one aspect, we have much control of our time, but we also have very little control. I made the decision to spend this time writing a weekly column. I have control.

However, I may die in a car crash on the way home today. Who knows when my time may come? Hence, I have no control. We must be realistic about time and how it pertains to life and death. Thus, I find it necessary to consider my productivity daily.

There could be no better time than now for Americans to analyze the mundane tasks of life. Are we as individuals productive or do we lack ambition to achieve our potential? Is our country effective and efficient? In what ways can we better ourselves as a nation?

These are just a few questions that I often ask myself and impose on others. I think the liberties of America tend to hinder further progression of the nation's productivity. Many times our personal agenda is structured around short-term individualistic goals.

We must analyze our priorities as individuals and as a troubled nation. What is really important? Are we currently productive or do we need to make changes? I guess my eyes have been opened the last few weeks, following the Sept. 11 attacks.

I think it's unfortunate to watch the news now. I feel the media is doing a very poor job. America's media has become an effective weapon for the Taliban. Not only has it spelled out the location and tactics of our military, but has also scared the American people. Now we are faced with the worst economic struggle since the 80s. Is the media productive or destructive to the American cause?

What about the productivity of BSU? If you are an avid reader of my column you may already know my opinions on this school. Why does the youth of America continue to fall short in education? Why aren't more schools and scholars asking questions? Let's ask more questions, strive to find answers, and take considerable action. Why don't we try being more productive?

As a junior I have under gone numerous exams and other tedious projects. I am disheartened by my gaining understanding that more standards are being required by educational institutions.

I have been taught in my education classes at Ball State to be a creative teacher. We should recognize and respect differences among students. At the same time this institution makes generalizations and excessively practices lower-level education. Are we productive as individuals? Is BSU productive as an institution? Is the media of this great nation productive? Are we, the people, united and productive? These are the questions we must ask ourselves.

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