Prank calls are a junior high activity, should not occur on a college campus

Dear editor,

I came to college hoping to become exposed to mature individuals, individuals working to better themselves for sake of their future. The high school crowd was becoming a nuisance, with the vanity and childishness. Instead, I have found that a good portion of college students, not just freshmen, is as immature as junior high juvenile delinquents. It saddens me to have that feeling of superiority over upperclassmen when I am simply a freshman from your average Hicksville. I am referring to those of you who waste time making those pathetic prank phone calls.

Apparently, many of you must have blindly stumbled, or more accurately -- drunkenly stumbled, onto campus. Your maturity does not meet your college status. Don't get me wrong -- I have made prank phone calls too, back in junior high. So, why do you make prank phone calls?

Is it the thrill? I never saw a thrill, and when many of you call, you sound anxious, nervous, and those giggling children in the background don't add to the sad effect. Do you do it for acceptance? There is always a third party in the back, telling you what to say. Are you really so pathetic? What you kiddies don't understand is that your calls don't arouse anger. Nah, it arouses pity. Not many of my peers have felt anger, just pity. I have never gotten angery at a caller. I play along. And it's always wonderful when the victim generates anger in the slow-thinking caller. Kiddies, don't play with something you can't handle.

So, my lovely inferiors, I feel as though I have to sum this up. Perhaps this is too much for you to process all at once. It's alright -- take your time. Read this as many times as you need. What? You still need further explanation? No problem! Grow up, act your age, and please stop causing such horrid and infantile generalizations of college students. Believe it or not, the respectable students are not impressed by your charades.

Stefanie Rider



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