Organization focuses n togetherness in conference

Kevonna Hunter, president of Today's Black Women, said the goal of the conference was to "focus on leadership, togetherness, and some awareness between each other.

"Our basic theme is women coming together and embracing ourselves," Today's Black Women president Kevonna Hunter said, "and embracing something that you didn't know before."

According to keynote speaker Jo-Ann Lipford Sanders, a majority of people don't know themselves.

Sanders said, "It's going to be hard to embrace others if you don't know who you are.

"Some of us have truly forgotten what kind of sacrifices that were made to instill in us power and passion and finding your own place. What we should be doing is about organizing and raising hell about things that guide us as people. It's an exciting time to be a woman; and it's a very exciting time to be a black woman and or a black person."

Sophomore Amber Lewis said she hoped to strengthen herself and her relationships with other women on the Ball State campus.

"I think this was needed on campus," she said.

Junior Jessica Amick said she came to the conference for a sense of community with women of all races.

"I thought it would be a good opportunity for women coming together," Amick said. "I also thought it would be a good experience as a minority in a setting. The majority of students on this campus are white, and they usually bring white speakers. So, this is good for minorities."

Hunter said the conference represents a new plateau for Today's Black Women.

"We basically want to learn from this experience and grow," she said.


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