LETTER to the editor

Dear editor:

I have something to say that will probably receive some negative feedback, I don't know. A few weeks ago, a columnist put something into their column that made a lot of people upset. OK, no big deal. I do it all the time, which is always good to see, by the way.

Point is, I stand by Geri Rosales' statements and I don't even know the full story behind them. But I do know this, there was a story to tell and she told it. The DAILY NEWS clearly states that our views (being columnists/opinion writers) do not necessarily represent those (the views) of the newspaper. So, was she a bad columnist because she described someone (I do that all the time) or because she is in a leadership position (last I checked I was in plenty of those)?

I'm not one to back something I don't believe strongly in. Do I believe strongly in what the column was about? As my friends who love wrestling would say, "Hell Yeah!" Since being a minority on this campus, which is a GREAT experience by the way, I (I can only speak for me) have come across some ignorance, a whole lot of stupidity and a little bit of understanding. Just because the shoe is on the other foot, is it OK or don't people like getting a dose of their own medicine?

Breck Warren