LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Residents deserve respect of university in campus evolution

Dear editor:

In response to a letter written by Russell Greim on Nov. 19, I would like to say that I am not sure that this young man knows what he is talking about.

First, Mr. Greim states, "I understand Mr. Mumpower's loss." Do you really? Have you ever lived in a house for many many years, raised your children there, grown old there? Until you have actually owned a home and had the state of Indiana take it from you, then you cannot possibly understand how Mr. Mumpower feels. I am sure his pain is greater than most of us have felt.

Secondly, I fail to see how Mr. Mumpower is being selfish by wishing to keep his home. I also do not see how a new music building is going to "benefit" the community. A few people will come to this university each year to use the music building, but Mr. Mumpower lives here.

Muncie was here before Ball State was -- many students forget that people have set their lives up here. They did not simply come to Muncie for a few years to party or take some classes. I think Mr. Greim is perhaps the one being selfish.

As for the $115,000 the university paid Mr. Mumpower, that is meerly a drop in the bucket. I am sure that $115,000 is a lot of money to a sophomore, but to those of us living in the real world and going to college, $115,000 will not buy much. This is especially true for Mr. Mumpower since he has lived in his home for many years.

Finally, eminent domain is defined as,"the right of a government to appropriate private property for public use." Nowhere in that definition does it say "for the good of a community." How would you feel, Mr. Griem, if the government took your vehicle for public use to better the community? Would you see this as justified?

I feel for Mr. Mumpower. He has every right to "create such a controversy." Yell and scream Mr. Mumpower, even if it doesn't further your cause. As someone who really knows how it feels to have your own home and want to protect it, I am sorry you are having to go through this mess.

Alicia Lambert



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