LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Congratulations are in order for football, basketball programs

Dear editor:

How proud can one person be about the triumphs of Ball State athletics. First, Ball State University football splitting the Western Conference Championship with Northern Illinois, and secondly Ball State University basketball taking it to UCLA and Kansas. One can be proud of the effort of these two teams and their performance in tough situations. Now, however, this will raise the expectations of the student body, faculty and alumni in regards to the performance of future athletics. The student body, faculty and alumni will expect these types of results, and the athletes and coaches will have to respond.

The administration will also have a tremendous responsibility. They will now have to assure the student body, faculty and alumni that Ball State athletics will continue to be able to compete against top ranked programs year in and year out. This is a vision. A vision that has eluded the administration's budget for years. A vision that was realized this past week. A vision that many have seen, but only few have acted upon. A vision where Ball State athletics can, with the right facilities, perform to their optimal levels. So I ask the student body, faculty and alumni to stand up and cheer loud and proud for the achievements of the football and basketball programs. However, please do not forget one lonely student's request to revamp tradition, honor and pride among all athletes that walk Ball State when I ask one question. Will the administration respond to the needs of the athletes to keep what has happened this past week a long-standing tradition among all persons that are involved with Ball State University?

Neil G. Burnworth



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