LETTER: Hate does not include challenging beliefs

Dear editor:

I appreciate Brian Cook's concern about the recent debate regarding Catholicism. He claims that just because we go to different churches we shouldn't hate each other. I agree, but who said anything about hate? Since when is an exchange of ideas considered hatred? Brian, have you bought into political correctness so much that you think it is hateful to challenge someone else's beliefs? I hope not.

A university is supposed to be a place of higher learning. And what better way to learn than to be challenged to defend what you believe.

My entire family is Catholic. And while I disagree with them strongly, I have nothing but love for them, and they know that.

Brian pointed out that Catholics and Protestants have beliefs in common. I am well aware of that. I spent 20 years as a Catholic. But there are some crucial differences also. The differences are so great that people were once burned at the stake for believing what I believe. I think it is a disgrace to those martyrs to say that these differences are not important.

Brian made the suggestion to pick up a Bible to learn more about your own religion. I appreciate this advice. In fact, that is something I do on a daily basis, and I hope others do the same.

Brent Zenthoefer
BSU alum


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