LETTER: Columnists' arguments are soapbox moaning

Dear editor,

I was sorely disappointed in the Chop Suey for the Soul column that ran on Nov. 13. Geri Rosales' ineffectual arguments are not backed up by any logic and amount to nothing more than soapbox moaning with racist undertones. Name-calling weakens any good points she might have made and her flippant tone puts the reader on edge.

What's so silly about the girl's idea for an American Month? What makes Asians (or any race, for that matter) so special that they receive an entire month to celebrate them? There's no "German-American" month. Does that mean Asians are a better race, which is why they received a month and the "German-Americans" didn't? The attack on the girl's preference of major is also unwarranted. Is Rosales caught up in a collectivist victim movement because it's "cool?" Is she "cool" because she's majoring in journalism?

The exchange that took place in the bar was also horribly handled. Rosales had no idea what the intent of the man's question was. Assuming it was negative (because he was white, probably), she immediately attacks him when he guesses wrong. This is childish. A person who attacks a newcomer, who potentially wants to learn more about you, is foolish.

How was the man supposed to know what nationality she was? She accused the man of being small-minded and ignorant, when he was more likely uninformed. Had she told him where she was "from," instead of putting him on the spot with a pop quiz, things may have gone more smoothly.

Indeed, Rosales doesn't even mention her beloved nationality in the article. Are we all to keep guessing until we get it right?

Perhaps President Brownell should mandate the issuance of Asian "flashcards." We could all just whip out our handy little decks, sort through until we find physical characteristics that match those of the person with whom we're talking and say, "My, you must be from the Philippines." Think how much work that would save Rosales!

A general anti-white sentiment rears its ugly head throughout the article, and I view racism as racism. I don't care if you are in a damn victim group. Here's a litmus test for racism: Switch the oppressor with the oppressed.

Statement 1: "I dislike whites because they are ignorant of my Asian culture."

Statement 2: "I dislike Asians because they are ignorant of my white culture."

The second statement would offend people and that makes the first statement equally racist.

The "angry Asian girl" mentality does not present Rosales in a positive light. Her handling of the situation in the bar, her general

unapproachability, and the biting tone of the column are not indicative of one who is trying to establish goodwill and promote education.

Your actions are the cause of racism, Ms. Rosales, not the cure.

Michael Zoller


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