Let them hear cake

Grade: A-

Hieroglyphic-covered walls bathed in somber blue, emerald green, and velvet-red light encased a sold-out crowd of 2,000 people Tuesday evening at the Murat Egyptian Room in Indianapolis for the band Cake.

Although not in stark contrast from their previous sound on Fashion Nugget and Prolonging the Magic, Cake's new album, Comfort Eagle, makes less use of talented trumpet player Vince DiFiore and more use of socially-aware vocals and a more present rock sound.

Opening San Francisco band Beulla delivered a lackluster set with a sound reminiscent of the late 90's Oasis tracks that didn't end up as hits.

After Buella, the crowd not only had room for Cake, but was on an empty stomach altogether.

At 10:30, the crowd got what they had been waiting for, an hour and a half of innovative rock music.

Drunken cheers and piercing screams of joy welcomed Cake to the stage as they completed a preemptive tuning of their instruments and the instrumental opener Arco Arena from the new album, Comfort Eagle.

Lead Singer John McCrea then lead into the title song from the new album and was met with an energetic reception by the crowd.

The night then took on the tone that lasted until the end of the show. Cake rocked out on a blended batter of familiar favorites such as "Frank Sinatra", "Sheep Go to Heaven" , "I Will Survive", and "Never There" interjected with most of the selections found on the new album.

Cake kept the crowd moving and singing along until the last encore. "Sing out of tune, sing in tune, this is your chance to sing," said McCrea as the mesmerized crowd chanted nondescript tribal hymns toward the eclectic blend of imagery that was on the stage.

Before ending the evening, McCrea remarked that "it seems really unoriginal to do 'The Distance' in Indy." Yet after asking all of the race car drivers in the crowd to raise their hands, Cake played "The Distance" with the same vocal quality and instrumental magic they had displayed all night.


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