Kids make world a carefree place

I think kids should take over the world.

With them, there would be more hugs, more candy, and even more television and video games. They would focus more on having fun than work, and then the pace of our nation would slow down a little. Along with wanting to play all the time, we'd stay fit with constant exercise and running around -- something that people could use more of.

And even better, the only threat of bio-terrorism would be chicken pox.

Aaah. The mere thought of my five-year-old cousin Rachel being the leader of our modern world makes me relax a little.

Just this past weekend, my relatives from Ohio came to visit my grandparents. Earlier that week my grandpa complained about something my grandma made for dinner that was just "crap!" Well, my aunt hunched over into the fridge and saw what my grandma was talking about.

"So is this the c-r-a-p?" grandma asked.

Rachel just smiled.

"I just learned a new lesson," Rachel cooed. "C-r-a-p."

She was quite satisfied. This one will take her far in life, I'm sure.

"No, I didn't spell that," my aunt intervened. "I spelled cake, c-a-k-e, I just didn't want you to hear Rachel since it's too late for dessert."

Rachel is blessed with what many young kids have -- perception. And even though my dream is for them to take over the world, since they and their ideas of racism, ethnicity and religious conflicts are blind, their ideas about life and worries are true.

They don't have worries. They play. They want to learn. In the meantime of mass world confusion, something that will always exist I'm quite sure, educators of the future should open the door for these little people. Grade schools, high schools and even some universities should offer a required class that is required where students learn about other cultures, discuss openly how they feel and learn how to share opinions. A class like this can boost the morals for little kids and they will learn respect for people that are just a little different from them, or completely different from them.

Granted kids won't rule the world anytime soon, they will grow up and while I'm in my wheel chair musing over my writings I wrote in college, my great-granddaughter will be running for president. So, in time, these little five-year-old kids will be ruling the world.

Along with kids in grade schools and high school now, future generations are always about to step up to take control in a world they were born into. A world they never created, but trying to improve. Taking time out in an educational institution to warm up to new cultures, learn how to express valid opinions and to learn about those that are different from the next person could help towards this improvement. This alone can open doors, especially for the future and especially when our world economy continues to globalize.

But all this talk sounds like steps into a Utopian society.

What am I thinking? That's insane of me to think that we can start from the beginning of a child's mind, isn't it? Where does this hope come from?

I guess I'll just sit and twiddle my thumbs and dream of kids taking over the world instead.

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