Indianapolis anthrax incident was forseen

Well, I hate to admit it, but I like being right. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article all about anthrax and how we could protect ourselves. I was hoping that we would never have to worry about seeing anthrax in Indiana but now that situation has arrived. I am happy about being right about how well prepared the state government and post offices were. I knew that hospitals all over the US were preparing for cases but I didn't realize how organized our post offices have become in case of finding anthrax. I think they are doing a good job.

As of Nov. 2nd, a third group of tests were being done at the postal repair facility in Indianapolis before the cleanup started. Several more samples were taken in the area known to have anthrax, as well as more than 100 samples taken Thursday from parts of the building assumed to be clean, but never tested. The entire building should be tested just to feel safe so that anthrax wasn't dropped anywhere else in the building. As another precaution, 195 Indianapolis postal workers are being offered antibiotics. There's a chance they may have handled the mail package containing the contaminated printer sent to be repaired.

This week, probably on Monday, the Indianapolis main post office will be tested for anthrax. It is part of the postal service's testing of 200 high volume mail sorting facilities. Worried postal workers are eager to see the test results. Rebuilding the confidence of consumers and its workers is now a priority of the postal service. As of right now, I feel pretty confident about the job that the postal workers are doing. They are taking every precaution necessary to protect both workers and consumers from getting anthrax. And for that, I applaud them.

Now something else that caught my attention was the fact that some people think the anthrax scare is funny. People are dying, and other people are laughing. Not good. I really fail to see what the humor is in trying to kill people. Something that really irked me was something I read the other day about a guy putting white powder down in a truck stop bathroom and making people believe it was anthrax. I am extremely pleased he was caught and I hope he is punished.

Sure, he probably thought it was just a little practical joke, but come on, is that really funny? When I first heard that anthrax was sent to Tom Daschle's office, I was worried because I know an intern who works just a few doors down for Senator Lugar. The guy at the truck stop doesn't know that, but he may have really upset some people! I know if I walked into a bathroom and saw some white powder on the sink, I wouldn't go anywhere near it. Hopefully, that will never happen. Right now, I am just praying that no one was infected in Indianapolis and that the clean up goes smoothly.


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