IFC executives take office Thursday

Election of officers for 2002 was the focus of the Ball State Intra-Fraternal Council meeting Thursday in Cardinal Hall.

Incoming IFC President Tony Bilotto of Sigma Chi fraternity and Vice President Adam Fisher of Sigma Alpha Epsilon will take their formal positions Thursday, along with eight other executives.

Bilotto affirmed the council's goals for the coming year.

"We want to show the community that we're doing more," Bilotto said. "We want to bury the hatchet with the university administration, and we also feel that our philanthropies and community service are just not getting recognized enough."

Relations between the Ball State University administration and IFC became tense when the university enacted new policies to more strictly regulate some greek events.

"I understand how things are going this year," Bilotto said. "We as the greek community see (current policies) as being the result of a lack of communication. We want a voice, a say."

As IFC president-elect, Bilotto stressed a desire to work for the greek community as a whole, and not as an individual.

"My goal is to be a voice for the entire greek community, as I believe we all have the same vision," Bilotto said.

Bilotto and Fisher were elected in the IFC meeting Nov. 22. Risk Reduction and Education Chairman Mike Stumpe (Delta Chi), Membership Development Chairman Ben Csikos (Theta Chi), Treasurer Matt Dennis (Phi Sigma Kappa) and Recruitment Chairman Casey Heathman (Theta Xi) were also elected at that meeting.

The remaining four IFC executive positions were filled yesterday.

Secretary Jason Matney (Sigma Phi Epsilon), Public Relations Chairman Andy Rago (Theta Chi), Scholarship Chairman Dan Joyaux (FIJI) and Recruitment Chairman Casey Heathman will begin their formal duties Thursday.

Many incoming IFC executives talked of bridging what they believe is a divide between greek students and independent students at Ball State.

"We can all contribute to closing the gap between non-greeks and greeks," said Rago. "It is time to show our true colors."


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