Eminent domain not compensated well

Joe Mumpower is a resident of Calvert Street and writes this "Your Turn" column for the Daily News. His views do not necessarily represent those of the newspaper.

We need to introduce legislation acts in the Indiana State house and Senate that shall limit the government and the state to take away one's property. The right to own property is fundamental in a free society.

Eminent domain in Indiana will not compensate the property owner to replace his property, be compensated for moving expenses, attorney fees, damages, (actual and punitive) and actual direct losses of property.

The law of eminent domain in Indiana is being used by Ball State University to take away constitutional rights of home ownership with out enough compensation to replace the property. Ball State took my property across the street from my home without my permission and deposited a check in the clerk's office for $115,000. Think about what this amount will earn in the bank, maybe $200 a month where as my property that BSU took from me without my permission was earning me $900 monthly. This is money I live on. It is more than my social security check each month.

However, less than 200 feet away, 508 N. McKinley Ave., Ball State gave Allen Brammer, local politician, $325,000 for the same size lot that they stole from me for $115,000. Is this fair? Ball State will not discuss this with me! It is told in the neighborhood that Allen Brammer had a banker friend that wanted to put a branch bank on this lot and Ball State University fell for the story and paid him this amount. The sell is recorded in the assessor's office for this amount. Then why does BSU treat me different than the local politician? I guess it is why my neighbor who gave BSU over a million dollars last year, gets to remain in her home and I do not! I also think this is the reason that she gets to keep two of her student rental properties and BSU takes mine without permission and gives me peanuts. I always believed that men are treated equal under our constitution. I still ask why me? I think we should all know why! You wonder why I would not give Ball State air even it was unscrewing a Ball fruit jar lid.

Ball State should find me a home on three lots near the center of campus just like the one they are taking. Such takings without my permission causes a negative experience. I hope and pray that it never happens to you. If it does then you will understand how I feel! Remember, your property could be next!

The use of eminent domain contradicts our Constitution that states all men are created equal and that every man is an end in himself endowed with inalienable rights (are property rights) that every man be accorded equal protection by the law! Eminent domain is a menace. Have your private home condemn and see how emotional you become.

This ability for Ball State to seize privately owned homes will create tension. The closer home it comes, the more emotional it comes. Are you willing to give up your home and not be able to replace what you give up? Location, location, location! Ball State should be made to find me three lots nearby and move my house there at their expense. They are stealing from me. I do not want to lose my home. I desire to live in my home until I die just like my neighbor

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